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The Obuno Board



OBUNO® IoT Engine is a made-in-Nigeria IoT (internet of things) Development Board / Educational Kit bringing internet of things at your fingertips with the possibility of talking to the cloud, creating great opportunities to assimilate smart technologies, design the next big thing and solve unique problems.

It is maker friendly and fully compatible with Arduino and peripheral modules.

OBUNO® IoT Engine, an end-to-end platform helps IoT developers avoid tunnel vision and its consequences by providing a comprehensive set of hardware and software components that easily combine into complete IoT applications, providing developers with a head start on their custom designs.

IoT applications bring a particularly tight convergence between hardware and software components, requiring developers to account for myriad details in each domain; OBUNO® IoT Engine creates a single platform designed to facilitate that convergence through an ecosystem that provides a unified platform of components and services designed to address the entire IoT application hierarchy.

At the lowest layers of the IoT hierarchy, hardware modules support high-performance data acquisition and signal processing while providing multiple wireless connectivity options.


Specifications and Features

Processor: ATmega 328@16MHz; 2MBit I2C EEPROM;
Real Time Clock & Calendar (RTCC) with battery backup; 9DOF INS (3-Axis Accelerometer, 3-Axis Gyroscope, 3-Axis Magnetometer); Bi-directional 3V3 to 5V level converter; Arduino Compatible pins

Comm. Interface: USB; GSM/GPRS Module; WiFi (ESP8266); BlueTooth; I2C Bus;UART

Energy Harvester: 6V Solar Panel Input; 3.7V Li-Poly Battery Charger; Boost Converter; variable voltage source (1v2 ~20v);

Audio-Visual: piezo Alarm; RGB LED; Push Buttons; 8x LED; 2X16 LCD Display; 2-Digit 7-Segment Display; microphone; Speaker

Input Voltages: 5~15VDC, 110~380VAC
Output Voltages: 3v3, 5v, variable 1v8 ~ 12v
4KW@380VAC-Solid State Relay with Opto-coupler & Snubber; on-board 7-KW@380VAC Soft Relay; 4-Port Servo, Stepper Motors, external Relay Driver I/O;

Areas of Application

  1. Security systems
  2.  Early Warning System for oil spillage
  3. Pipeline protection
  4. SCADA
  5. Tracking systems
  6. Data Acquisition systems
  7. Grid/infrastructure Monitoring 
  8. Reservoir Monitoring
  9. Education (capacity development in emerging technologies such as IoT, Embedded system, RFID etc)
  10. Smart Technology (e-Health, e-Agric, Smart city, Smart building, Environment Monitoring, etc

Current Status

OBUNO® IoT Engine was conceived during the mentor-ship of startups and will be manufactured in Nigeria in line with the requirements of Local Content Policy and the Executive Order. OBUNO® IoT Engine has over 95% Nigerian Content.

Investors / VCs /Angels are welcome to contact the startup at their website.

Ihabitat channels your donations to capacity development in emerging technology (such as IoT, RFID, Big data etc), the support of the growth of knowledge economy with the vision to achieve a large scale systematic and sustainable social change through a dare at invention, unparalleled innovation, and a more rigorous application of know technologies.


*Exchange rate: $1 TO ₦360*

₦5,000 - ₦49,000   ₦50,000 - ₦99,000   ₦100,000 - ₦500,000   Others


HEAD OFFICE: M. M. Alkali Street 444 Crescent CITEC VILLAS Gwarinpa Abuja

TELEPHONE: +234(0)9035697071

EMAIL: info@ihabitat.ng