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95% Made In Nigeria
It gives us rare pleasure and pride to finally see the OBUNO IoT Engine, a proudly Nigerian board with a sea of possibilities finally powered up, locked and loaded to unleash fire and fury on other boards.
The OBUNO IoT Engine adopts a modular and scalable architecture that addresses challenges facing the IoT adoption, adaptation and deployment in Africa; in diverse areas such as:
1. Government
2. Healthcare
3. Fleet management and telematics
4. Banking & Financial Services
5. Utilities & Service Providers 6. eAgric etc

Microcontroller: ATmega 328@16MHz; Flash Memory 32 KB; SRAM 2 KB; EEPROM 1KB

-Storage: 2MBit I2C Serial EEPROM;

On-board Modules: Real Time Clock & Calendar (RTCC) with battery backup;

-9-Degree of Freedom
Inertia Navigational System (3-Axis Accelerometer, 3-Axis Gyroscope, 3-Axis Magnetometer);

-Communication Interface: USB; GSM/GPRS Module; WiFi (ESP8266); BlueTooth; I2C Bus; SPI; UART
Bidirectional 3V3 to 5V level converter; Arduino Compatible pins

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-Energy Harvester: 6V Solar Panel Input; 3.7V Li-Poly Battery Charger; Boost Converter

-Audio-Visual: Piezo buzzer; RGB LED; 8x LEDs; I2C LCD Display; 2-Digit 7-Segment -Display; Microphone;Speaker; Push Buttons
-Input Voltage: 5VDC (via USB), 6VDC (via Solar Panel), 7-12VDC (via adapter); 110-400VAC

-Output Voltages: 3.3VDC, 5VDC, 1.8VDC ~ 12VDC, 110-400VAC-Commutation/Switching: On-board 4KW@380VAC-Solid State Relay with Opto-coupler & Snubber; On-board 7KW@380VAC Soft Relay; 4-Port Sink Driver I/O @50Vmax for Servo, Stepper Motors, External Relays; Solenoids etcter; Arduino Compatible pins

OBUNO® IoT Engine is designed & manufactured in Nigeria in line with the requirements of Local Content Policy and the Executive Order. OBUNO® IoT Engine has over 95% Nigerian Content.
Further Application of the board

Learning embedded programming, developing and testing firmware
Security Systems
Early Warning System for oil spillage
Pipeline Protection

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Who we are

@Innovation Habitat Initiative For Indigenous Technology
We are a young sustainable Non-Governmental Organization with a mandate to drive social innovation and transformations with focus in the fields of education, technology, environment, capacity development and enterprise development.
At iHabitat, we consolidate the passion of social mission with an entrepreneurial zeal, business methods and the courage to innovate and overcome traditional practices.

We are located at M. M Alkali Street, 444 Crescent CITEC VILLA Gwarinpa, Abuja

NYSC Members receiving intensive training on embedded systems design at the Kubwa Orientation Camp Abuja, FCT

Our embedded system laboratory

Innovation habitat fully equipped training hall

What we do


Capacity Development

Powered by Partnerships and Co-Location Agreements; we are always excited about new programs which place special emphasis on eliminating barriers to access to technology for social impact in the communities within which we operate.


we are all about rolling out effective products and services in areas of existing and emerging technologies that are readily available to meet new requirements of the African market as well as create value for African indigenous products.
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Our teams and partners collaborate to accomplish better diverse and productive standards both in service delivery and product manufacture that will yield long term balance in the technology ecosystem and beyond.



HEAD OFFICE: M. M. Alkali Street 444 Crescent CITEC VILLAS Gwarinpa Abuja

TELEPHONE: +234(0)9035697071

EMAIL: info@ihabitat.ng